Senior Account Manager

John aka "Chunk" was born and raised in Ontario, California.  He attended Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California to play water polo and swim as he pursued a degree in International Business.  He moved to Dallas, Texas to begin his career, looking for better opportunities to

put his education to work in a hands-on environment.  The intense management-training program was a powerful driving force in his life, pushing him to become a better person every single day.  As part of the expansion crew of Iron City Acquisitions Inc., he looks forward to growing on a personal and professional level, as well as learning the necessary skills to run his own office.  He plans on taking part in the European expansion, becoming the first manager to expand the company into Italy.


Outside of work, John likes to stay active by working out and gathering friends for barbecues and FIFA tournaments. His long-term goal is to have offices throughout all of the US and Europe and retire his parents on a villa in Tuscany.

John “Chunk” Caparelli