Senior Account Manager

Maria Jose “Sam-J” Aleman

Maria Jose aka “Sam-J” was born and raised in Dallas, Texas but is an NYC girl at heart.  A self-described people person, avid learner and “foodie,” her other interests include basketball, music, and graphic design.  She is currently enrolled at the University of North Texas for Speech Pathology, but she also takes classes in Piano and Design.  Sam-J is passionate about self-improvement and the enrichment of those around her. She loves working at Iron City Acquisitions Inc. because of the endemic mentor-ship cycle and progressive development and growth that they provide.  She loves the “people helping people” aspect of the business and that it allows her to play off others’ strengths, provide opportunities for diverse perspectives and voices, and enjoy the melody of working together.  Eventually, she plans on taking the experiences she gains through the business to launch her own music studio and non-profit mentoring of young adults in the areas of higher education and career planning.